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by Nikki Grimes

How Do You Know If You're Rich Or Poor?

Dyamonde Daniel's best friend, Free, thinks he's poor. So when their teacher announces a big poetry contest, Free decides to enter – partly because he likes to rhyme, partly because he wants to be famous, but mostly because of the hundred dollar prize. Soon he's driving Dyamonde nuts with his crazy rhymes.

Free is not the only kid in class who's planning to enter the contest. So is Damaris Dancer, a quiet girl who is also bit mysterious. Naturally, Dyamonde sets out to learn the girl's secret. The question is, once you know someone's secret, what do you do with it?

How Dyamonde manages to weave a new friendship with an old one, and help both her friends find out important things about themselves, makes for another tremendously satisfying story about this city girl with a heart as big as all outdoors.Author Nikki Grimes returns with another deeply satisfying story for younger listeners. In this volume, this one featuring a poetry contest and a new classmate with a secret.


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"Grimes portrays Dyamonde'’s infectious personality as she finds poetry in the most unexpected place and inspires Damaris to write with her heart. Grimes crisply weaves a story of friendship, trust, and poetry, and her straightforward delivery makes it ring true."
    — AudioFile Jan 13, 2011    Read entire review…
"The timely topic and fast-moving plot will keep kids engaged in the story.  The issues addressed will resonate with many children and are made all the more accessible as seen through the eyes of such interesting, well-developed characters.  Their voices really shine, especially as brought to life by author Nikki Grimes’s narration."
    — SoundCommentary January, 2011
"Nikki Grimes’s beginning chapter book (Putnam, 2009) features inviting characters, an engaging story, and a look at the challenges of poverty. It also poses the question: What makes one truly rich? The rhythm, pacing, and tone of Grimes’s narration is captivating,"
    — School Library Journal January, 2010
Praise for the print version of Rich:
"Featuring several of the same vividly drawn African American characters as the first book in the Dyamonde Daniel series, the second volume looks at the sensitive issues of poverty and homelessness from different angles and in a reassuringly matter-of-fact way."
    — Booklist
"Fast-paced, believable urban school situations...make this a particularly relevant series entry for chapter-book readers."
    — Kirkus Reviews

Meet the Cast:

Nikki GrimesNarrator
Directed by:Bruce Coville
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