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The Last Hunt

by Bruce Coville

This title is now available on MP3-CD from Brilliance Audio for only $14.99. (Please go to Brilliance or to order - we no longer sell directly.)

Digital editions, some for download, some streaming, are available from Hoopla,, Tales2Go, Playaway, and Overdrive.

It's here at last! For over a decade readers have been clamoring to know how Cara's adventures in Luster turn out. In The Last Hunt, all the secrets are revealed and the plot threads brought together in an epic story that thunders to a heart-pounding and astonishing conclusion.

Beloved and her Hunters have invaded, and the battle for the world of the unicorns begins.

The Last Hunt

Product Details:
Availability:  In Stock – Ready for Shipping
Approximate Running Time:  14:20

Librarians: click here for a printable product information page

Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1Chapter 1 - Part 1 (2:27, about 3.5)
Sample 2Chapter 1 - Part 2 (2:25, about 3.5)

Watch videos about the making of this audiobook:
Behind the Mic: The Last Hunt

"Bruce Coville is both author and main narrator, and he's perfect for the job. As always, the Full Cast Family is splendid at enhancing this multilayered story with countless characters. Along with the ambiguities that accompany battles of good versus evil, there are quotes from Sun Tzu’s ART OF WAR and surprising humor. Since the story is lengthy and abounds with details, audio is the perfect format"
    — AudioFile Magazine October, 2010    Read entire review…
Praise for the print version of The Last Hunt:
"This final volume satisfyingly concludes an exciting and intricately plotted series . . . the pace is brisk, with one cliff-hanging adventure following another right up to the climactic conclusion. Events from previous books are mentioned in the narrative, making it not absolutely necessary to have read the other books in order, although that would be ideal. Fans of the series will be delighted."
    — School Library Journal
"Continuing a series practice, this finale substantially tops the previous volume’s page count as Coville draws all his characters and plot lines together in a mighty cascade of short chapters to a climactic battle on the alternate world of Luster. Even readers new to the epic will have no trouble following along . . . Audiences fond of tales festooned with words like “ensorcelled,” lines like “Halt! Who seeks to enter the Great Hall of Gnurflax, King of Delvharken?” and names like “Amalia Flickerfoot”—plus magical figures from a comically monkey-like pet and a gryphon with a tender ego to angels (thinly disguised as “Great Powers”), centaurs and, of course, shining, magnificent unicorns aplenty—will be swept along to the grand, hard-fought resolution."
    — Kirkus Reviews May 1, 2010

Meet the Cast:

David BakerGrimwold
Karel BlakeleyThomas the Tinker
Daniel BostickRocky
Ian Hunter
Cy CreamerFire-Eye
Rhonda DiescherSilverhoof
Alex DolbearCara Hunter
Caroline FitzgeraldAlma Leonetti
Tim FoxMoonheart
Dani GottusoBelle
Maureen HarringtonBeloved
Trevor HillFallon
Kate HuddlestonFirethroat
Michael LarkinElihu
Andrea LeonardAmalia Flickerfoot
Courtney SeymourFeng Yuan
Matthew SmithLightfoot
Lauren SyngerSquijm
Dan TursiMedafil
Danielle ValerinoCloudmane
Jackie Warren-MooreMGama
Karis WigginsLady Graumag
Directed by:Daniel Bostick
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