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Water Steps

by A. LaFaye

This title is now available on MP3-CD from Brilliance Audio for only $14.99. (Please go to Brilliance or to order - we no longer sell directly.)

Digital editions, some for download, some streaming, are available from Hoopla,, Tales2Go, Playaway, and Overdrive.

Kyna has a deep-seated (and well-earned) fear of the water. So when her adoptive parents announce that they have rented a summer house on Lake Champlain, she begs to be left behind for the summer.

Alas, this is not possible. Yet even at the lake Kyna does her best to avoid the water, exploring instead the forests and hillsides, documenting them with her camera. But when her new friend, Tylo, draws her into his quest for strange water creatures, Kyna finds herself pulled into unexpected discoveries – not only about the lake, but about her own strange heritage.

A novel that pulses with a passion for nature and the natural world, Water Steps is rich with love and loss, longing and renewal, a bit of mystery and a touch of fantasy. With an extraordinary gift for dialect, author A. LaFaye brings its rhythms to vivid life in this haunting reading.

Water Steps

Product Details:
Availability:  In Stock – Ready for Shipping
Editions:   sku     isbn-13     isbn-10     count  
  CD Economy     n/a     978-1-5012-3648-8     n/a     Three CDs  
Approximate Running Time:  3:30

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Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1Water, part 1 (2:57, about 4151)
Sample 2Water, part 2 (3:13, about 4517)

"Author LaFaye reads in a believable fashion, deftly adding lyrical Irish accents to Pep and Mem. . . . Dedicated to 'every kid who faces a fear and finds a little magic,' the book translates well to audio."
    — Booklist Nov. 15, 2010
"Despite its short length, this is a wonderfully rich tale of a girl who learns to overcome both her deepest fear and her long unaddressed grief. As narrator, LaFaye seems to move effortlessly from character to character: the young, uncertain Kyna; the impulsive, riotous Tylo; and the lyrical-sounding adoptive grandparents, Mem and Pep."
    — AudioFile Magazine October, 2010    Read entire review…
"Award winning author Alexandra LaFaye's reading of her "realistic fantasy" is phenomenal. The listener feels as though he/she is in the physical presence of the characters, hearing Kyna's thoughts, and listening in on conversations between Kyna and her parents and friend, Tylo."
    — SoundCommentary August, 2010
Praise for the print version of Water Steps:
"Realistic fiction takes an unexpected turn into fantasy in LaFaye's lyrical exploration of a girl coping with her fear of water. . . .The final, magical revelation about Mem and Pep's identity will come as much of a surprise to readers as it does to Kyna."
    — Publisher's Weekly April 27, 2009
"The language is almost poetic with its use of sensory detail, alliteration, and precise word choices. A satisfying story of overcoming one's fears and discovering secrets."
    — School Library Journal September, 2009
"Kyna's struggles to take "water" (baby) steps and move through her fear will resonate with many kids who are wrestling overwhelming fears of their own... a satisfying journey to hope and understanding."
    — Booklist March 15, 2009

Meet the Cast:

A. LaFayeNarrator
Directed by:Daniel Bostick
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