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Kissing the Bee

by Kathe Koja

This title is now available on MP3-CD from Brilliance Audio for only $14.99. (Please go to Brilliance or to order - we no longer sell directly.)

About to graduate from high school, quivering on the edge of adulthood, Dana, Avra, and Emil are locked in an intricate dance of commitment, desire, and promises. Dana, investigating the enigmatic world of bees, is ready to pursue her education as a science writer. Avra is longing to bolt for freedom. And Emil… well, Emil is keeping his own counsel.

No one doubts that Avra is the queen of this tiny hive. But queens can be demanding, and when royalty oversteps its bounds, a revolution may occur. For when the lines of love and loyalty cross, they make a point as sharp as a sting.

Praised by Publisher’s Weekly for its “spare and haunting” prose (starred review) and lauded by Booklist for capturing “first love’s exquisite, earth-shattering joy” (starred review) Kissing the Bee mixes honey with venom in this grippingly romantic recording.

Kissing the Bee

Product Details:
Availability:  In Stock – Ready for Shipping
Editions:   sku     isbn-13     isbn-10     count  
  CD Economy     n/a     978-1-5012-3603-7     n/a     Three CDs  
Approximate Running Time:  2¾ hours

Librarians: click here for a printable product information page

Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1Dana's mother asks her about Avra and Emil. (1:52, about 2.6)
Sample 2Dana turns in her project late. (2:21, about 3.3)

"Kathe Koja's young adult novels are masterpieces of subtlety, understatement, and the sneaky, skillful use of everyday situations to illustrate large, difficult emotional truths about growing up. Full Cast Audio -- you may know them from their great adaptation of Heinlein's Have Space Suit, Will Travel -- have brought in as talented a team of voice actors as I've heard, and their narration does great things for an already strong narrative."
    — BoingBoing - Cory Doctorow July 16, 2009    Read entire review…
"The excellent full-cast narration is perfectly paced. Sarah Gorman as Dana, especially, is able to convey wonder, the delicacy of first love, passion, hesitancy, anger, and alienation. There is elegantly haunting music that plays between chapters which enhances the mood of the whole experience."
    — School Library Journal April, 2009
"A supershort, full-cast recording to hook both reluctant and eager listeners. The story is a realistic, intelligent take on a teen-angst love triangle. . . . Narrators Sarah Gorman (Dana), Adam George (Emil), and Kathleen Wrinn (Avra) provide authentic teen voices that reflect the pain and passion of life in the high-school hive. The actors portraying more minor characters reflect an accurate mix of age and gender, allowing the elegant language to shine through. . . . Give this to listeners seeking a 'good romance.'"
    — Booklist March 15, 2009
"The bee theme and research are a metaphorical backdrop to the simmering romance and dissolving friendship between queen bee Avra, her boyfriend, Emil, and her best friend, Dana. Kathleen Wrinn does the bossy, petulant Avra annoyingly well. Sarah Gorman's more easygoing Dana is a pleasure to follow even as she copes with the fallout from her realization that romance trumps friendship."
    — Audiofile 2009

Meet the Cast:

Daniel BostickAvra's Dad
Leonard FonteMr. Davis
Adam GeorgeEmil
Sarah GormanDana
Laura GualtieriYoung Dana
Moe HarringtonAvra's Mom
Andrea LeonardEmil's Mom
Bianca LupiDorie Huber
Chelsea MixonKyra Worth
Tamora PierceDana's Grandmother
Brian PringleMitch
Alaina SawyerKellie Ballister
Carmen Viviano-CraftsShira
Karis WigginsDana's Mom
Kathleen WrinnAvra
Directed by:Daniel Bostick
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