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This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order

by Shannon Hale

This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order
This Title No Longer Available - Please Do Not Order

Product Details:
Availability:  In Stock – Ready for Shipping
Editions:   sku     isbn-13     isbn-10     count  
  Library Edition     08007CDB     978-1-934180-22-8     n/a     Six CDs  
Approximate Running Time:  7½ hours

Librarians: click here for a printable product information page

Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1The opening of the book. Author Shannon Hale described Chelsea Mixon's narration in this recording as "brilliant" - and I have to say, I agree! - Bruce Coville (2:13, about 2.6)
Sample 2Dashti heals Mistress. (2:10, about 2.5)

"The story is perfect for a full-cast reading. All of the actors add layers of meaning, enlivening even the minor characters.... An enchanting listening experience."
    — Booklist July 2008
"Chelsea Mixon performs Dashti with vibrance, spirit, and an unfailingly right voice for all parts of the story. ... This mix of fantasy, adventure, medieval Mongolian history, and love story will be a wonderful addition to any collection.,"
    — KLIATT September, 2008   Starred Review
"[Chelsea] Mixon is resplendent as the voice of Dashti. Somehow she manages to combine the wonder of a mucker entering into the world of the gentrified folk with the street smarts and empathy for those she deems less fortunate. Her singing voice is incredibly rich, an essential attribute for a healer who uses music to soothe ills and injuries. The exotic sounding music that opens each chapter is another pleasant surprise, one that helps place this tale in a time and land distant from the present. Hale's wordsmithing is apparent in this audio production. Lines that might escape the casual reader somehow sink deeper into the listener's consciousness."
    — VOYA 2008
"Shannon Hale has created a fascinating mythological Asian world, and Full Cast Audio delivers a believable atmosphere of adventure, mystery, and romance as they bring this world to life. Chelsea Mixon is especially effective as Dashti, the Mucker girl who recorded this tale in her "thought book."...This is a winner."
    — AudioFile 2008

Meet the Cast:

Holly AdamsMistress
Steve BraddockBatu
Mark BruzeeChief of Night
Sofia CoonQacha
Alec FunicelloKoke
Sam GoldsmanLight Chief
Dani GottusoLady Vachir
Trevor HillLord Khasar
Kate HuddlestonTown Chief
Rozlynn Jakes-JohnsonLady Saren
Jeff JonesDairyman
Man 1
Michael LarkinTower Guard
Kaethe LeonardGal
Craig MacDonaldSaren’s Father
Chelsea MixonDashti
Bill MoleskyLittle Man
Alice MorigiOrder Chief
Gerard MosesShaman
Conor NolanKhan Tegus
Tamora PierceChinua
Banna RubinowShria
Patti ThompsonCook
Directed by:Daniel Bostick
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