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by Geraldine McCaughrean

This title is now available on MP3-CD from Brilliance Audio for only $14.99. (Please go to Brilliance or to order - we no longer sell directly.)

The Trojan War is over, and Odysseus longs to return to wife and son on his island kingdom of Ithaca. But between hero and home stands an array of dangers unlike any ever faced by mortal man.

On his epic voyage—an adventure so grand and glorious it has become the very symbol for all great journeys—Odysseus must face the monstrous cyclops, escape the enchanting nymph Circe, defy the terrors of Scylla and Charybdis, and descend to the land of the dead. Even home is not safe, for there Odysseus must triumph in one last battle to be reunited with his loving wife.

For nearly three thousand years the story of Odysseus’s journey has enthralled the world. Now Full Cast Audio brings you Geraldine McCaughrean’s brilliant retelling, in a dazzling recording that will captivate young and old alike.


Product Details:
Availability:  In Stock – Ready for Shipping
Editions:   sku     isbn-13     isbn-10     count  
  CD Economy     n/a     978-1-5012-3621-1     n/a     Four CDs  
Approximate Running Time:  4 hours

Librarians: click here for a printable product information page

Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1Opening: Telemachus and Penelope miss Odysseus. (2:47, about 3.2)
Sample 2Odysseus and his men begin to long for Ithaca despite the comforts of Circe's island. (3:07, about 3.6)

"This retelling of Homer's classic tale has freshness, vitality, and creative use of language. The Full Cast Audio performance, with original music, brings new life to the many mishaps of Odysseus and his crew on their 20-year journey home from Troy....A great choice for classroom listening."
    — KLIATT Final Issue   Starred Review
"The legendary voyage of Odysseus will electrify listeners . . . The full cast ensures that each person, god, and specter is distinct. Indeed, with 20 years of adventure to narrate, the cast creates admirable order in the "world-encircled sea." Together McCaughrean and Full Cast Audio evoke the allure of Greek mythology."
    — AudioFile 2008
"McCaughrean’s language is lyrical and the action and suspense will fascinate young listeners. Narrator Cynthia Bishop establishes an exciting pace, and the full-cast voicing makes the many characters easily recognizable to listeners. A solid choice for school and public libraries."
    — School Library Journal

Meet the Cast:

David BakerAntinous
Cynthia BishopNarrator
Daniel BostickHermes
Bruce CovillePolites
Cara CovilleIdo
Caroline FitzgeraldAnticlea
Queen Giant
Rob FondaTelemachus
Dani GottusoSong of the Sirens
Trevor HillPoseidon
Mark HoltOdysseus
Victoria KingSong of the Sirens
Andrea LeonardAthena
Song of the Sirens
Tim LiebePolyphemus
David LowensteinEurymachus
Claire McAuliffeCalypso
Richard McKeeZeus
King Aeolus
Bill MoleskyKing Alcinous
Spencer MurphyElpenor
Sarah NaughtonPrincess Nausicaa
Ryan SparkesTelemachus as a child
Lauren SyngerPenelope
Directed by:Bruce Coville
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