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The Light Princess

by George MacDonald

It’s a well known fact that a new-born princess will often be subject to a curse—especially if her royal parents neglect to invite an important magical relative to the christening. But never has there been a curse as charming (and hilarious) as that which befalls the Light Princess. Deprived of gravity, she can’t take anything—or anyone—seriously. Even worse, she’s apt to blow away on the first stiff breeze!

Can even a handsome prince bring her down to Earth?

One of the most acclaimed literary fairy tales of all time, George MacDonald’s profound and witty story floats into bubbling new life in this lovingly crafted full cast reading.

The Light Princess

Product Details:
Availability:  In Stock – Ready for Shipping
Editions:   sku     isbn-13     isbn-10     count  
  Library Edition     06004CDB     978-1-933322-69-8     1-933322-69-1     Two CDs  
Approximate Running Time:  1½ hours

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Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1The Light Princess by George MacDonald, read by Cynthia Bishop and the Full Cast Family (5:15, about 6.0)
Sample 2The prince and princess meet. (4:10, about 4.8)

"There's no doubt this is an entertaining tale, but it's the narration that really brings this story to life. The cast of nine readers keeps listeners' attention and "just-right" inflections allow full appreciation of the numerous puns and other humorous wordplay found within the text. The prince and princess, voiced by Lauren Synger and Adam Wahlberg, also give an exceptional performance. Synger is especially effective in conveying the unconcerned, shallow attitude of the cursed princess, making it easy to understand the frustrations caused by her "light" affliction. And although I’m certainly no princess, I must say that if the prince looks half as good as he sounds, I think I’d have to fall in love, too."
    — SelectioNotes - Kentucky Department of Libraries    Read entire review…
"This classic fairy tale by a master storyteller deserves a bigger spotlight than it has had in the past, and the Full Cast rendering of this story of a princess who regains her gravity presents the perfect stage. When the king neglects to invite his sister (who is also a witch) to his daughter's christening, the evil aunt takes her revenge. The baby becomes lighter than air and indeed her whole persona is suffused with a lightness that cannot be sad or serious as she grows older. Only when she falls in love and loses her dearest possession does she learn the power of gravity in all of its meanings. Narrator Cynthia Bishop gives the story shape and substance, while Lauren Synger is a standout as the effervescent princess, and Adam Wahlberg's self-sacrificing prince provides just the right touch of melancholy. Original music for the prince's song was composed by Todd Hobin and performed by Wahlberg with a pathos that will linger long after the story's happy conclusion."
    — Ingram

Meet the Cast:

Cynthia BishopNarrator
Daniel BostickKopy-Keck
Bruce CovilleChamberlain
Kate HuddlestonQueen
Richard McKeeKing
Bill MoleskyHum-Drum
Alice MorigiNurse
Princess M
Lauren SyngerLight Princess
Adam WahlbergPrince
Directed by:Bruce Coville
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