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This Title Now Available From Blackstone Audio - Please check their website

by Shannon Hale


Winner 2007 Audie Award for Achievement in Production

Finalist 2007 Audie Award for Children's Titles Ages 12+

The break out fantasy novel of 2003 becomes the must-have fantasy audio of 2006!By re-imagining the old story of the princess who is reduced to caring for the geese while an imposter takes her place at the royal wedding, Shannon Hale has created a compelling and deeply engaging novel. Follow the adventures of Princess Anidori Kiladra of Kildenree as she struggles to regain not merely her crown, but her very name. Sweeping in its vision and enlivened by a huge cast of vivid characters, The Goose Girl has earned both rave reviews and an intensely loyal fan following. Now it comes to life in an epic recording that will enthrall existing fans while also bringing the book to a whole new audience.

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This Title Now Available From Blackstone Audio - Please check their website
Audie Award Winner

Product Details:
Availability:  In Stock – Ready for Shipping
Approximate Running Time:  10 hours

Librarians: click here for a printable product information page

Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1Opening—the birth of the princess (1:44, about 1.6 MB)
Sample 2Ani and Geric first meet and talk (1:27, about 1.4 MB)
Sample 3The goose thieves (1:07, about 1.1 MB)

"Fantasy, romance, and intrigue take wing in Shannon Hale's stunning retelling of Grimm's fairy tale presented by a marvelous full cast and Cynthia Bishop’s outstanding lyrical narration."
    — ALA Notable Children's Recordings List
"This tale of courage and perseverance is a listening delight."
    — School Library Journal
"When I finished listening to Shannon Hale's The Goose Girl, I wanted to start the story again. I had read the fantasy novel in print form about two years before hearing it and Full Cast Audio brings the characters to life in spot-on performances which won't disappoint fans of the novel."
    — SFFAudio - Mary Robinette
"The casting is spot on ... original music, composed and performed by Todd Hobin, adds to the entire work . . . may be the best audiobook Full Cast Audio has produced thus far."
    — VOYA

Meet the Cast:

Holly AdamsAni's Aunt
David BakerTalone
Cynthia BishopNarrator
Daniel BostickUngolad
Janine BostickPigeon
Patrick BreenFinn
Graydon BrownRider
Jok the Goose
Sofia CoonBettin
Bruce CovilleThiaddag
Katherine CovillePigeon
Nicholas DavoliConrad
Tim FoxYulan
Grace GatesYoung Ani
Sam GoldsmanOddacar
Moe HarringtonThe Queen of Kildenree
Judith HarrisIdecca
Todd HobinIshta
Emily HolgateEnna
Kate HuddlestonThe Key Mistress
Seth JacksonRazzo
Victoria KingThe Wind
Erica LustigPrincess Anidori Kiladra
Phil MarkertThe King of Bayern
Anna McGeeSelia
Richard McKeeThe King of Kildenree
Mimi MeadPigeon
William MeidenbauerTerne
Alice MorigiNurse
Kelly ParksYoung Selia
Andrew PollockBeier
Daniel PoormanTatto
Mike StevensOffo
Adam WahlbergGeric
Bryan WilsonSifrid
The Wagon Driver
Directed by:Bruce Coville
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