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The Evil Elves (Moongobble and Me, 3)

by Bruce Coville

Moongobble must complete one last Mighty Task before he is accepted into the Society of Magicians. But this one is a doozy: he must retrieve "The Queen’s Belly Button"—an enchanted stone that has turned an entire elf village bad! Soon Edward and Moongobble—along with Urk the Toad, Fireball the Dragon, and the Rusty Knight—are off on their greatest adventure yet. Can they regain the stone without turning evil themselves? This fun-filled tale of magic and adventure will have the entire family laughing out loud!

The Evil Elves (Moongobble and Me, 3)

Product Details:
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Editions:   sku     isbn-13     isbn-10     count  
  Library Edition     05003CDB     978-1-933322-32-2     1-933322-32-2     One CD  

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Listen to samples from this audiobook:
Sample 1Moongobble has accidentally turned himself into cheese. (2:26, about 2.8)
Sample 2Arfur, an elf from Moongobble's past, meets Edward, Urk, and Fireball. (3:48, about 4.4)

"The delightful cast from earlier episodes has returned to deliver this lively tale. Young Ryan Sparkes adroitly narrates the story through the voice of Edward, the magician's boy apprentice... The cast's superb expression and humor make this children's story entertaining even for older listeners."
    — AudioFile Oct 2006    Read entire review…
"Performed by a full cast of energetic and talented actors, this delightful foray into fantasy will enthrall readers, and listeners, of all ages."
    — Large Print Reviews
"...children of all ages will enjoy the delightful, humorous stories. Our family enjoys listending to the adventures of Edward, a boy, Moongobble, an almost-magician whose spells turn most things into cheese, Urk, a talking toad and the Rust Knight. These books are great for the ear!"
    — Creemore Echo Jun 2005

Meet the Cast:

David BakerUrk the Toad
Daniel BostickOld Lady of Bogfester Swamp
Edward's Father
Fireball the Dragon
Janine BostickSquirrel
Frank FiumanoFazwad the Mighty
Sam GoldsmanThe Rusty Knight
Kate HuddlestonEdward's Mother
Joey PanekArfur
Ryan SparkesEdward
Robert SteingraberMoongobble
Directed by:Bruce Coville
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