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Wild Magic (The Immortals, Book 1) Wild Magic (The Immortals, Book 1)
by Tamora Pierce

This first volume of the Immortals Quartet tells the adventures of Daine, a young girl who is on the edge of discovering her own magic, and her strange connection to the animal world. This brilliant fantasy will sweep listeners into the richly imagined world of Tortall.

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  My Teacher Is an Alien  
  My Teacher Is an Alien  
  by Bruce Coville  

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Studio Updates

Friday, September 25, 2015

FREE Audiobook download for iPhone and iPad users!

Hey, gang . . . anyone up for a free audiobook?

Seriously, if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can have any one of our fabulous recordings completely free.

Just be one of the first 2000 people to download the Full Cast Audio app (also free . . . link below). Then use the coupon code FULLCAST to get your completely free title.

No restrictions . . . you can use this for any of our titles you want!

There's no obligation! (Though of course we won't mind if you want to buy some other recordings while you're browsing . . . )

Happy listening!
 —  Bruce Coville,

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

MY TEACHER IS AN ALIEN is in the can!

We've completed our first new recording in three years - a full cast version of MY TEACHER IS AN ALIEN, narrated by Nancy O'Connor, who performed so brilliantly as "Weird Lily" in ALWAYS OCTOBER. We'll be releasing it before the end of summer . . . keep watching this space for details!
 —  Bruce Coville,

Monday, February 02, 2015

Here's Where To Get Our Recordings Right Now

Though we have closed down the CD aspect of the company, never fear! There are still several ways for you to get our recordings.

First off, all of our titles are available at

If your library uses the HOOPLA service you actually stream our titles to your listening device.

You can also subscribe to Skybrite , where for a monthly fee you have access to thousands of audiobooks.

And if you really prefer having hard copies, by the end of June, Brilliance Audio    will have all of our recordings available on MP-3 CDs!

Happy Listening!
 —  Bruce Coville,

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Studio Updates
25 Sep 2015
FREE Audiobook download for iPhone and iPad users!
22 Jul 2015
MY TEACHER IS AN ALIEN is in the can!
2 Feb 2015
Here's Where To Get Our Recordings Right Now
1 Jan 2015
C'est Fini
30 Dec 2014
Only 31 Hours Left!