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Almost Zero Almost Zero
by Nikki Grimes

Regular Price $15, Now on sale for $9.95!

Dyamonde Daniel has her eye on a new pair of red high-top sneakers. Following some bad advice from a classmate, she thinks she has the right idea to go about getting them – by demanding her mother buy them! Unfortunately for Dyamonde, Mrs. Daniel doesn’t appreciate being told what to do and decides to teach her daughter a lesson. Soon Dyamonde finds herself in a clothing crisis, with almost zero to wear!

Dyamonde is furious. But she begins to realize that some people have troubles much greater than hers . . . including her friend, Isabel Martinez, whose family has suffered a real crisis. Deciding she must she must help the Martinez family, Dyamonde enlists the aid of everyone she knows to do so.

Witty and endearing, this heart-warming tale – read by Nikki Grimes herself – beautifully displays the difference between “wanting” and “needing.”

Don't Forget This Great Backlist Title

Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel
by Nikki Grimes

Regular Price $20, Now on sale for $9.95!

Limited Quantities Available

“Dyamonde Daniel was a gem waiting to be discovered. Just ask her.” With these opening lines bestselling author Nikki Grimes introduces us to a new character kids are bound to love, a super smart third grader with wild-crazy hair and a can-do attitude.

The thing is, Dyamonde has just moved to a new school, and she's impatient for a best friend. Then Free shows up, and there's an even newer kid in class who might also need a friend. Unfortunately, Free doesn't want to be friends. In fact, he seems to be in a permanently bad mood. Dyamonde is determined to find out what's bothering him. And when Dyamonde Daniel decides to do something, it usually gets done!

A charming book about friendship and fitting in, delightfully read by the author, Make Way for Dyamond Daniel is surefire listening for the younger set.

Studio Updates

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

We ain't dead yet!

RED ALERT: We're still here!

Just in case you were wondering . . . 

In fact, after several months of behind the scenes work, we're about to release a handful of new titles.  Even as I type these words our full cast recording of  ALWAYS OCTOBER is on press at our duplicator, the wonderful Turnkey Solutions.  And in the next room Jamil is getting ready to send the finally-finished wrap for LONG WALK TO WATER off to the printers.

We've got three more titles in the can, waiting for final details - the third and fourth books of Nikki Grimes wonderful DYAMONDE DANIEL series, and the terrific sports thriller BIG TIME, by football star Tim Green.

As I said . . . we ain't dead yet! 
 —  Bruce Coville,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awesome Heinlein Models

Okay, this is really cool.  Dan Thompson, one of our devoted Heinlein listeners, is a truly gifted model maker.  If you're a Heinlein fan you really should check this out.

Go to this page  Dan Thompson Images

Then click on the book covers for  BETWEEN PLANETS, THE ROLLING STONES, or HAVE SPACE SUIT, WILL TRAVEL  to see Dan's wonderfully detailed modeling based on the stories.

Really fun stuff!
 —  Bruce Coville,

Friday, May 18, 2012

MISSION FAIL - REBOOTING - A Mea Culpa from Full Cast Audio

When I started Full Cast Audio one of my goals, often stated to the staff, was to make us the most customer-friendly audiobook company in the business.

For the first several years I think we did a pretty good job in that regard, striving to live up to that mark, usually hitting it, occasionally falling short. But making a serious assessment of the state of things here about a month ago, I realized that for the last year or so we have been falling woefully short of that goal. I could give you a pile of excuses, having to do with the economy and having had to let go of key staffmembers, loss of our long time duplicating facility, and a dozen other impediments to our work. But excuses don't butter the parsnips, and the truth is we have let many of you down with slow service and late shipping.

For this, you all have my apologies – not only the people we let down in fact, but all of our listeners, who should be able to expect better of us.

Last week I had a meeting with my remaining key staffer, and we took a serious look at our priorities and processes. Our goal now is to respond to every order from an individual listener by the end of the next business day after we receive it – either by shipping the product or by letting you know at once if it is out of stock.

We have strayed further off course than I had realized. I hope this radical correction will get us back on track.

Again, I offer my personal apology for our recent failures in this regard. I'm the boss, and our failures are solely my responsibility.


Bruce Coville

 —  Bruce Coville,

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We ain't dead yet!
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Awesome Heinlein Models
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MISSION FAIL - REBOOTING - A Mea Culpa from Full Cast Audio
8 May 2012
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